Welcome to the Mermaid's Night Club
the place where you will find what cannot be found 
we provide the best tools for your head 
to make you build your land 
to make you understand 
You'd better leave all your problems outside 
and live for a while 

Take a sit in the privé lounge 
there's a couple of drinks with your fresh brain fuses 
and a bit of sad memories 
and a good purpose 
You don't wanna live like a ghost 
We must take time to believe in time 
those lights are made for this 
to make you blind in the exact moment you think it's alright 
but it isn't alright 
and we all know
You're dancing for a reason 

So we put our dreams in a glass for a night 
How you do that trick to hypnotize ? 
Me in a shuffle dance, you by the light
I think it's time to fix our glances 
just in time to lick you beside your neck 
and hold you by your leather jacket 
I will hold you 
I will pay for you
I will love you 
If it makes you feel better !