They say I'm gonna be slave of city lights into my brain
All the courage I had to take won't recoups all the money I have to
make to eat something good and I'm not that type so easy to please
Never meant to annoying you, I'm only here to ask you a chance
to get what I want 
to get what I want

It's not about I'm fool
We're talking about changes you do
to my legs
to my soul
through my black lungs
through my feelings, they're not gonna get back entire
So what's wrong? 
Give me a chance

Strike me up and down if you want it
Let me misure my potential in compare
to your heighest skyscraper, to your heighest sky
And through your reckless mind
I always wanted to be that reckless
So come on bless me with your traffic
I'm on my knees
The dinner's gone so fast
and now it's time to
give me a chance 

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