Well, if this real life couldn't cry for one another
would you think am I supposed to die ?
No, I'm coming to life 
I'm coming to life 
oh right
You don't need to tell everybody

"It's not my age" and all those things, those points of view
Show me some ways, don't let it all wasted
I'm coming to life, I'm coming to life 
that's right
And I don't need more expectations

And if you think your heart is not completely fused,
if you think you're gonna know someday, somehow
You're coming to life, you're coming to life
And you're gonna fall from the ladder again,
If I'm rebel again
I'm rebel again
The path's born because of you.

You don't need to lie to yourself
Just close your eyes for a second
To carry the weight
to carry the weight 
Don't worry to fail
You probably will

I need a faster plan but I can't resist the time to get me back on Earth
But I am alright
I swear I'm alright
Because this time I won't be surprised 

that's why
I need to blind myself again
to get the emotion of flying over elements
But I am alright 
I'll show you how to try
I'll show you how to try
I'll show you how to try
and how to survive to all the moves that I can do
I've planned everything to feel again.

And now wake up.

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